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What to do when encountering problems with our platform?

Don’t be worried. Please kindly report issues or encountered problems to our customer support system. Our online customer support will reach out to you at the first time, especially when you have problems with the payment or want to cancel mistakenly placed order.

What’s the functional advantages of our online transport system?

In our online transportation platform, users can customize the specific transportation service that they need with affordable price (instant quote) because we have developed the practical and effective transportation system and charging mechanism of our own. In our platform, you can choose the size of your transport vehicle, whether to add necessary stops for your order and the booking time point, etc. At the same time, we also provide ride along with driver service (no extra charge but choose this only when it’s necessary) and flexible insurance options to maximize your convenience and ensure the safety of your cargo

What’s the difference between Worry-free and pack & go moving ?

Although Worry-free moving and Pack&Go moving are charged based on the required vehicle size, Worry-free moving includes the removal service provided by CarryOn driver. The charge of the worry-free moving is equivalent to a package-style fee. The transportation fee for small items is included in the basic charge of the selected package. And if you have extra large items (length greater than 1.5m or weight greater than 30KG), fragile and valuables that need to be packed and potential removal to upper/ lower floor will require additional fees.

Why would you choose us ?

The market has been in a state of fragmentation and chaos for a long time, with different pricing and difficult to guarantee service quality. For consumers, having such a platform software in a mobile phone is essential. A number of data show that some mobile groups have a large demand for moving services, such as those holding holiday work visas, student visas, and work visas in Australia, as well as local young Australians and low-income groups, for them, they move every six months. Moving once a year is a normal frequency, and there are even some who move once a season. Therefore, providing such services for this part of the group, making prices transparent and unified service quality will bring huge benefits to the overall market. For the freight market, multiple data show that a large number of brick-and-mortar merchants are facing the test of transportation costs, including time costs and economic costs. Our platform can greatly reduce their time costs for these merchants and provide them with faster and more convenient transportation services.

How we charge differently and why?

Our piece rate pricing can effectively protect consumers and service providers. The current market is basically in the era of hourly charging. Such a pricing method will inevitably lead to many people who fish in troubled waters and make up for themselves. These people take delaying time as their service goal, and start from the ground as their service standard, resulting in extremely chaotic pricing in the overall market. Through the combination model of integration and data analysis, our platform can effectively suppress this situation. The piece-rate pricing model ensures that service providers can no longer fish in troubled waters by extending the time, because under the piece-rate, delaying time will only lead to the loss of time cost and will not bring any economic return. In addition, the piece-rate pricing model can protect consumers and achieve price transparency. Consumers can see price estimates at a glance, which can end the current market chaos in one fell swoop.

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